Product Excellence

Fostoria Bushings caters to our customers’ special needs by providing a multitude of standard and customized bushings.

  • We pride ourselves in coming up with significant additions to our range of related products like: 1) gaskets 2) nuts 3) washers 4) spades 5) custom porcelain for specific designs
  • Quality being one of our prime competitive advantages, we use 98 % conductivity copper in our castings whereas our competitors use 15 to 32% conductivity copper alloys.
  • Our bushings meet or surpass existing industry ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards.
  • With constant innovation and advanced manufacturing technologies we have developed our unique sealing technique, while keeping our price extremely competitive in the industry.
  • Fostoria Bushings’ standard spades are one piece and not brazed, which eliminates the possibility of creating hot spots, corrosion or contaminants reaching the transformer oil.
  • In our consistent endeavor to maintain and improvise on the quality of our products, we select our raw material suppliers with utmost care.
  • To meet any unforeseen circumstances and to ensure on-time delivery we maintain large inventories of porcelain and other key input components.
Think Bushings! Think Fostoria Bushings!